What Is Dental Anxiety?

At , we try to make your visit a relaxing and enjoyable experience. But to people who have dental anxiety, their dental appointments may seem like the equivalent to a horror flick. What is dental anxiety? How does it develop? And more importantly, how can you overcome it? What Is Dental Anxiety? In short, dental… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Gum Disease

Are you ever confused about gum disease? If so, our team is happy to help you clear up that confusion! Gum disease is a serious dental problem that can destroy your smile and your oral health if you let it. It is a complex disease that has two stages, and those stages are: Gingivitis Gingivitis… Read more »

Taking Care of your New Cosmetically Bonded Tooth

Cosmetic bonding is used to repair minor chips and shallow cracks in tooth enamel. The procedure involves your dentist applying a durable, color-matched resin material to the damaged enamel. They will then harden the resin with an ultraviolet light. While it is hardened it requires two days to completely cure. After the resin is completely… Read more »

Why You Can Count on the ADA

Have you ever stood in the dental health aisle at your local drugstore trying to find a toothpaste or dental floss and been baffled at the array of choices? As consumers, we are very fortunate to have the variety of options at our disposal in the United States that can help us in our ongoing quest… Read more »

A Dental Emergency and Your Smile

Are you devoted to caring for your teeth? Do you do everything you can to keep your smile healthy and strong? Still, you know that even if you care for your smile well, but do you know how to react to a dental emergency? At , we understand that a dental emergency can be stressful…. Read more »

Teeth Whitening Strips Can Help Remove Moderate Stains on Teeth

Would you like a bright white smile? Are you looking for a way to deal with teeth that suffer from minor staining at home? If so you might want to try using a tooth whitening strips. Your regular dental checkup and cleaning usually includes a tooth polishing procedure as part of the cleaning. This procedure… Read more »

Night Guards Help Prevent Problems Caused by Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth–also referred to as bruxism–can have a very serious negative impact on your teeth. It can cause chips, fractures and cracks in your molars and premolars. It can also lead to alignment issues in your bite pattern as well as muscular issues in the jaw. Generally children are more likely to grind their… Read more »

How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth hurt when you consume hot or cold food or beverages? Do you feel a temporary, sharp pain when you inhale cold air? You may have tooth sensitivity, which can be caused by exposed dentin, the layer of tooth that lies just below the tooth enamel. –Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your… Read more »

Masterpiece Dental Favors to Families

At , we are thrilled to offer family dentistry to everyone in our wonderful community. We believe family dentistry is a great way to meet with you and your family members and help you all achieve your smile goals one step at a time! Our dental team is delighted to welcome patients of all ages,… Read more »

Tips for Developing an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

The technique you use for brushing and flossing is just as important as the effectiveness of the products you choose. You want to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance on any oral hygiene product you choose. This seal means that the product has been researched and tested by the ADA for safety… Read more »