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If you have dentures, remember to clean them each and every day. Dentures are an essential part of your oral health and need to be adequately cared for. Furthermore, without proper care and treatment, your dentures can become damaged, cause you pain or need to be replaced. That is why taking care of them is essential to your oral health care.

Our dentist is happy to talk to you about dentures. If you are new to dentures, then our team can help you learn the basics of cleaning your dentures.

Here are some tips on cleaning your dentures:
– Repairs: For denture repairs and restorations, bring them to Dr. Brandon Green.
– Drying out: To ensure that your dentures do not dry out or crack, always keep them in your mouth or in a cleaning solution.
– Fragile: Dentures are fragile when handled, so be careful not to drop them.
– Abrasion: Several abrasive cleaning materials including hot water, bleach and teeth whiteners can damage your dentures.
– Cleaning: By soaking your dentures in a cleaning solution every night, you can help keep your dentures clean.
– Contamination: Germs and bacteria can collect on your dentures if you are not routinely cleaning them.

If your dentures are damaged, or if they cause you pain, please call us today at 801.756.5136 to make an appointment. We are always willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your dentures in American Fork, Utah.