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Have you made use of a dental bonding treatment for your smile lately? Dental bonding promises a better looking and healthier smile through the use of bonding materials such as resin and porcelain, which are cemented over top of damage or discoloration on a tooth. Dental bonding can cover portions of your teeth while allowing the rest of a tooth to naturally shine.

Dental bonding is also helpful for dealing with spacing issues between teeth. If you suffer from a minor malocclusion, dental bonding can help create a more natural look for your teeth. Dental bonding is also helpful with filling treatments to correct cavities. When a cavity forms, a dental filling can be used to cover the cavity and prevent further decay from forming.

Dental bond treatments are extremely durable, with a single bonding treatment capable of lasting over a decade. No matter if your teeth have been damaged from oral accidents, dietary errors, dental erosion, or cavities, it is likely dental bonding treatment can help correct the ailments.

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