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Complications from gum disease and tooth decay can cause you to suffer the loss of several teeth, impairing your ability to properly use your mouth when speaking and chewing. Any remaining natural teeth in your mouth may have been compromised to the point that they could result in future tooth loss. If you are missing all or most of your teeth, our dentist may recommend that you receive removable dentures to fill gaps in your smile and restore dental function.

With custom-made dentures, you can once again enjoy the full function of your smile, increasing the quality of your life and improving your smile aesthetic. After removing any weakened teeth still in your smile, we can submit a detailed impression of your oral structure and gum shape to a dental lab to custom craft your new permanent dentures.

Masterpiece Dental is pleased to offer high-quality dentures that are custom fitted to the unique shape of your smile. However, some of our patients still prefer to apply denture adhesive when wearing dentures to enhance the secure hold and prevent lingering food particles from sticking between the denture base and the gums.

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