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If you are currently experiencing the annoying, painful, and inconvenient effects of a canker sore, our Masterpiece Dental team has some tips for you.

Canker sores are red ulcers that grow in your mouth and make talking and eating painful and difficult. The ulcers generally come in groups and they can be large or small. The sores are not contagious and they should heal completely on their own. In order to prevent these ulcers, our Masterpiece Dental team recommends that you avoid eating foods that irritate your mouth, avoid irritating your mouth by chewing gum, and keep up on oral hygiene. To help you know a little more about canker sores so you can better understand and treat them, your dentist, Dr. Brandon Green, has provided the following information:

What are the causes?
Even though the causes of canker sores are unknown, the sores tend to develop when you:

· Are tired or stressed
· Have hurt your mouth, such as biting your lip
· Eat food that you are allergic to
· Consume a product that contains a high amount of acid
· Do not get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet
· Are on your menstrual cycle, if you are a woman
· Have braces

What are the treatments?
The general treatments for canker sores include antimicrobial mouthwash, over-the-counter pain medication, or over-the-counter topical anesthetic. However, treatment is not typically necessary because the sore should disappear within a couple of days. During the healing process, please avoid eating spicy foods, foods with sharp or crunchy edges, or acidic foods and drinks.

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