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If you are thinking about adding mouth jewelry to your smile, then please read this blog! Mouth jewelry can be dangerous to your oral health and teeth over time. Over time, your teeth can become damaged, chipped, cracked, and bacteria can begin to grow causing a host of problems.

Our dentist, Dr. Brandon Green with Masterpiece Dental in American Fork, Utah, cares about your oral health and is happy to share some necessary information on how mouth jewelry can damage your smile.

Here are some facts on mouth jewelry:

-Mouth jewelry can lead to oral inflammation and the presence of infectious diseases like endocarditis or hepatitis. These can be serious and hazardous to your health.

-If a tongue ring is not placed correctly, permanent nerve damage can result.

-Several risk factors for lip and tongue rings include allergic reactions, choking hazards, fractures, cracked teeth, bleeding gums, and drooling.

-Mouth jewelry can often make it difficult for you to clean out your own mouth and even your dentist can struggle to provide adequate oral health care treatments and procedures.

-If you have a lip or tongue ring in place, be aware that pain can occur.

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