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Grinding your teeth–also referred to as bruxism–can have a very serious negative impact on your teeth. It can cause chips, fractures and cracks in your molars and premolars. It can also lead to alignment issues in your bite pattern as well as muscular issues in the jaw.

Generally children are more likely to grind their teeth more than adults. This is usually related to growth and development but it can also be linked to bite alignment or allergy issues. In adults stress is the most common cause of grinding teeth.

Store bought night guards are sometimes uncomfortable, they can slip in the mouth, cause excess saliva production and even lead to you waking up more often in the night. The potential negative impact on sleep quality can drive some people to forgo wearing the night guard.

If you have a problem grinding your teeth at night you should ask your dentist about being fitted for a custom night guard. The custom night guard conforms to the natural shape of your teeth and jaw for maximum comfort and fit. The soft plastic material shields and protects your teeth while reducing the friction between biting surfaces to help relax muscle tension in the jaw.

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