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If you are in need of a complex oral health care treatment from your dentist, various forms of sedation may be required. Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is designed to help calm and relax patients to help control pain. With drugs, you can experience symptoms of mild relaxation up to bouts of deep sleep during dental treatments.

One of the most common forms of sedation is through gas sedation. Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a combination of gases that are breathed through a mask that is placed over your nose and mouth. Laughing gas is used to help you remain calm and relaxed as needed. Furthermore, it is the only form of sedation in which you can drive yourself home, as it wears off rather quickly.

In the case of oral sedation, a pill will need to be swallowed so that effective treatments can be given. Once a pill is swallowed, you will slowly drift off or be drowsy enough so that very little or no pain can be felt. Dosages can also be adjusted. Similarly, intravenous sedation can also have adjustable dosages, but it is extremely fast-acting. This is because drugs are directly injected into your bloodstream. Through the use of intravenous sedation, it can be used almost immediately before oral health care treatments need to be given.

For the deepest levels of sedation, general anesthesia can be applied. This can lead to a complete state of unconsciousness from which you will not awake in until the anesthesia wears off. Anesthesia is highly beneficial for complex treatments that need to be given that can take hours to complete.

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