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Sometimes you’ll be faced with a decision when you’re sitting in the dental chair. This might include whether to replace a tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant, whether to help a tooth with a dental crown or dental filling, or even whether to whiten the smile with whitening strips or a professional whitening treatment. However, one of the most common decisions that needs to be made is whether you will repair a decayed tooth with an amalgam or composite resin dental filling. To help you make an educated decision, our dentist, Dr. Brandon Green, is happy to give you the facts about dental fillings in American Fork, Utah.

Both dental fillings are safe. However, there are rumors and stories that make some people believe amalgam isn’t as safe as we would hope. Our dental team at Masterpiece Dental knows this restoration is safe for you, otherwise, we would not offer it at our office. However, we understand if you have reservations. So, we encourage you to do your research by talking to your dentist and researching accredited websites online, like the American Dental Association’s website.

When it comes to the differences and abilities of the two restorations, there are many. They are both unique and beneficial. Amalgam fillings are very strong and reliable, especially because they are made of metals. Because of this, they are silver in color, which makes them better for restoring a tooth in the back of the mouth, especially a tooth that has to handle strong pressure from chewing. Composite resin fillings are reliable and they offer natural-looking results. In fact, they are shaded the exact color of your teeth, so they are tough to recognize when placed. However, they aren’t necessarily as strong as amalgam fillings, so these fillings are better for restoring a tooth in the front of the mouth that doesn’t have to withstand high amounts of pressure.

For more information and details about amalgam and composite dental fillings, please reach out to our office by dialing 801.756.5136. Our dental team is more than happy to help you, and we look forward to your phone call!