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If you want a top-notch smile this Christmas, then you need to think about your smile. There are many naughty and nice dental behaviors that can affect your smile, and it’s best to only have the nice behaviors. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Brandon Green, would be happy to tell you all about those behaviors so you know what to do.

Naughty: Using the wrong toothbrush to clean your smile twice a day.
Nice: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush each time you scrub your chompers.  

Naughty: Not flossing once a day or flossing but not doing so correctly.
Nice: Flossing once a day and taking the time to properly and effectively clean the teeth and gums.

Naughty: Not wearing a mouthguard while you play sports and activities that are high in contact, like basketball and wrestling.
Nice: Wearing a mouthguard while you’re playing high-contact sports and activities as well as when you’re doing low-contact sports and activities, like sledding and ice skating.

Naughty: Sharing spoons, forks, straws, and toothbrushes with infants or with others.
Nice: Keeping your utensils to yourself and making sure everyone has the spoons, forks, straws, and toothbrushes they need.     

Naughty: Grinding your teeth regularly.
Nice: Protecting your teeth with a mouthguard and taking steps to stop the grinding habit.

To learn more about naughty and nice dental behaviors in American Fork, Utah, please reach out to Masterpiece Dental when you have the opportunity. All you need to do is dial 801.756.5136 and our dental team will be more than happy to help you. We want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile!