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Have you ever stood in the dental health aisle at your local drugstore trying to find a toothpaste or dental floss and been baffled at the array of choices? As consumers, we are very fortunate to have the variety of options at our disposal in the United States that can help us in our ongoing quest for a healthy smile. Which products actually work, and which are just clever in their marketing? Without having to find out from trial and error, you can know what products work before you even try it.

Say hello to the American Dental Association (ADA) which protects consumers by scientifically testing dental products. The ADA makes sure that any product with its Seal of Acceptance actually lives up to the claims it espouses, and that we won’t be duped by clever marketing. Thanks to the ADA, there are over 300 dental products carrying their Seal of Acceptance, which means that the product has not only been rigorously tested and found to be safe, but that it is effective. You can find the seal on everything from toothpaste to denture products to chewing gum.

The ADA is a patient-centered, science-based and ethically-driven association having done extensive research on all products carrying its Seal of Acceptance. It does not receive payment for its endorsements. The association even has a code of ethics for dentists who belong to it, specifically that they:

1) Promise to do no harm.
2) Always do good.
3) Treat patients fairly and honestly.

The association sets the bar for how dental products and technologies should be defined, how they should perform, and how the products and technologies need to be able to work together. The ADA not only creates the standard for dental products in the United States, but also participates in international standards development. These standards are so high that companies carrying their seal have often been asked to meet standards that are even higher than what the law requires.

So the next time you are searching for an effective oral irrigator or powered toothbrush, make sure it has the ADA Seal of Acceptance and you will be making a safe and effective choice. You won’t feel buyer’s remorse because the product will actually work!

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